Memorable characters who became evergreen in Indian TV Shows

Indian TV shows have earned huge love from Indian audience and they are still a trendy thing among the serial fans. Today, at Latest Pics, we are sharing the top Acting kings of Tv shows. These actors have left a mark on hearts of millions of television lovers and are still loved.

Even after the telecast of these serials is stopped, people still talk about these actors because of the evergreen roles and brilliant acting. Some characters and roles become famous because of the actors and sometimes the opposite happens. We are going to introduce you some such characters and stars which are known evergreen actors of Indian TV serials.

  1. Nitish Bharadwaj as Shri Krishna – Mahabharat

No one could ever forget the mesmerizing act done by Nitish Bharadwaj in one of the most memorable serial of Indian television, Mahabharat. He plays wonderful role of the Lord Krishna who is the grandfather of diplomacy also know as diplomacy king in the world.  This serial was based on the religious epic and was loved and watched in every house.

  1. Firoz Khan as Arjun – Mahabharat

Firoz Khan played Arjun in the Mahabharat series which gave him lots of love and stardom. His extreme fine acting skills made this role perfect and made him become a popular household face as Panduputra Arjun in India.

  1. Mukesh Khanna as Bhisma Pitamah – Mahabharat

Mahabharat was directed by BR Chopra who got lots of appreciation. Because of this serial, many actors like Mukesh Khanna who played character of Bhishma Pitamah got noticed and appreciated.

All these actors are known as the best actors of Indian Industry. Because of them, the roles which they played have become immortal.


Mukesh Khanna was popular among kids of the last decade because of his superhero serial Shaktiman. These two serials gave Mukesh Khanna a huge fan base and made him a star among various people, especially kids. His role of Superhero Shaktiman was loved by children and made him their ideal.

  1. Dara Singh as the immortal God Hanuman

Another evergreen actor who earned immense love and respect is Dara Singh who portrayed the character of powerful God Hanuman. The Hanuman character which he played was noticed by all and made him popular TV serial star in less time. His physique and personality matched perfectly for this role and that is why he was appreciated in this mythical character.

  1. Arun Govil as Shri Ram

Arun Govil who became Ram, the prominent Hindu god, was the lead in serial Ramayan which was made by Ramanand Sagar. With piousness and serenity, he played this role and was praised immensely.

  1. Mohit Raina as the Lord Shiva (Mahadev)

The Best characters of Tv Shows also include the roles played in recent years. Mohit Raina could never be forgotten by anyone who watched the serial DEVO KE DEV MAHADEV. The actor earned huge fan following ever since this show was launched. He gave a new definition of acting by his wonderful act and created a history.

The actor who was a model, earned this role for his spectacular looks, and chiseled body. He played role of Hindu God Shiva, who is kind, fierce and popular. Mohit Raina was highest paid actor throughout the serial telecast.

  1. Sonarika Bhadoria as Goddess Parvati

Not just males, but few female actors are also evergreen and one such name is Sonarika Bhadoria. She played Parvati, the powerful goddess and wife of Shiva, in the serial Devo ke Dev Mahadev. Her perfect features, innocent face and brilliant acting made the role lively and memorable for all.

  1. Mouni Roy as Naagin

The Best ACTORS OF INDIAN CINEMA has become so famous in entire nation and people miss watching them and their serials. Another actress, Mouni Roy played Shivanya, a human snake who had superpowers. The serial Nagin was a huge hit and because of her talent she is also lead part of the sequel of this series.

Mouni Roy the Nagin girl also played character of Sati in Devo ke dev Mahadev which was liked by most of people.

  1. Ashok Saraf in Hum Panch
    The list of Evergreen characters of TV SERIALS would not be complete without mentioning Ashok Saraf, the Hum Panch Actor. The serial was watched by huge masses and made this actor highly famous. He did many movies because of proving his acting talent in the serials Hum Panch and don’t worry hojaega.
  2. Rajit Kapur in Byomkesh Bakshi

Rajit Kapur, who played fictional Bengali detective as Byomkesh Bakshi got stardom and is remembered among the evergreen actors. The serial was different and the story was about the detective and this made the actor become a popular face among television viewers. You can check more about these Acting kings of Tv shows on Latest News.