Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Salman’s first Tiger Zinda hai Song | Swag Se Swagat

Salman Khan is a song in Starrer Tiger Jinda Hai, whose name is Swag, welcome. Since the fans were aware of this, the fans were absolutely bizarre and now, when you see the first glimpse of the song, the crazy will go.

Do not ask that the swap so much in a picture of the song, is so trembling. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s fantastic Chemistry are seen only by this one song.

It is now to see how well the song and its special step are. It is believed that this is the greatest and most beautiful song of Tiger is alive.

Tiger Jinda Hai, no music has been given by any composer, so people’s curiosity about the music of the movie is quite high.
Well, by looking at this photo of the welcome swap, it is certain that the step of this song will also become fest like every step of Salman.

Well, many people have different views about Salman’s dance. Where Farah Khan thinks that Salman Khan is a poor dancer, Remo believes that he does a good dance but cannot be known for the dance.