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The Doppelgangers: Identical stars of Hollywood and Bollywood

Bollywood and Hollywood are similar in various aspects and distinct at the same time. Various movies Bollywood are inspired and have similarity with the original Hollywood film. But there is something which is very unique about these two movie industries.

There are many identical actors and actresses that have surprised all. You can check here the celebrities latest pics and see yourself that there are so many similar looking people.

The most astonishing pair is Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooper. Not just the face shape, but these two have very similar features. Eyes and nose are the most essential features of both the actors that make them look like twins.

Actress Esha Gupta has similar face structure and lips like famous beauty Angelina Jolie. There cheekbones are high and that’s why they appear alike.

Check hollywood Stars latest pics here and you would agree that talented actress Anne Hathway has features that match with Bollywood queen Diya Mirza who won the beauty title.

Another pair of the doppelgangers includes Hayden Panettire as their faces have very similar shapes and features.

Hollywood Stars latest pics also tell you a pair that is similar- Dominic Cooper and Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli, the cricket heartthrob has forehead and eyes similar to the Hollywood actor.

Among the huge list of the lookalike actors the last pair which celebrities latest pics brings to you is Huma Qureshi and Gemma Arterton. Extremely beautiful, both these actresses share similar face features and hair.