Top 10 Highest earning Hollywood movies 2016-2017

Hollywood has given brilliant movies to worldwide audience and has earned huge at the box-office. Today, latest news bring to you those Hollywood movies of 2016 and 2017 which have the earned the highest. Have a look at the highest earning Hollywood movies 2016:

  • Captain America, civil war was among the top earning movies previous year. It was the superhero based movie and its story and plot was taken from the Marvel comics.
  • The second one is the Jungle Book, which was a fantasy adventure movie and was loved by audience especially children and teenagers.
  • Batman versus Superman earned successfully and became one of the top earning films of Hollywood in 2016.
  • Deadpool is another marvel based comic hero film which starred Ryan Reynolds.
  • Fantastic beasts and where to find them which was actually a book in the harry potter series, was released as a film and was among the top hits of the last year.

Now let’s check few Hollywood movies 2017 which earned immensely:

  • Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson was loved by everyone as it was a fairytale movie that earned worldwide.
  • Logan, which was the sequel to Wolverine, was highly appreciated movie of 2017.
  • Return of Xander cage, xXx was also rated among top earning movies for this year.
  • Lego Batman Movie, produced by Warner Bros is also top earning films of hollywood movies 2017.
  • The last, but the most spectacular movies of 2017 is the fate of Furious, which starred Vin Diesel, is highest earning movie.

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